ASBC - midsize

The ASBC - midsize (1000 liters) is about the limit for the natural circulation of water and uses about 10 collectors. Over 1000 liters, more collectors are needed, starting the obligation of the use of motor pumps and electronic controls, synonymous with more costs and more maintenance.

The intended application for the ASBC 1.000 liter is the supply of hot water to entities such as childcare, asylums, boarding, schools, academies, barracks, care homes, as for the man of the field is replaced by an innovative tool to simplify your day to day. In nurseries, the 1000 may be used to bathe liters of 30 the 50 children. Entities in assistance 20 the 40 residents greater.

This ASBC pays for itself in a few months, using as a basis for calculating the cost of electricity. And for the farmer, which has no electrical support, the cost of a cubic meter of hot water is smaller than 1/30 the cost of electricity used for heating the same. This number is based on the daily cost of the ASBC 1000 liters, assuming a life 10 years of implantation and a value of £ 1000,00.

The Fellowship of the Sun offers a number of resources to guide those interested in building their ASBC. They are:

- Courses taken in our facilities

- Network monitors scattered throughout the country

- Manual manufacturing and installation (pdf)

- Instructional video and demonstration videos