ASBC - school kit

The Company believes that the Sun School, addition to the function of educating, has on their students a positive influence on the way we think and act. Teachers, through school activities, guide the acquisition of knowledge and improve attitudes and behavior of their students making them aware citizens, critical and active. Being able to count on the participation of teachers in primary and secondary education in the dissemination of this proposal provides a significant advance in the number of students who will meet the energy present in sunlight through this technology and may also act as disseminators of the same.

In this proposal the teachers introduce students to the basics of solar energy and demonstrate, Kit using the Guided ASBC , as occurs in a water heating Solar heater.

From 2003 the didactic kit is donated to schools for demonstrations and operation of solar thermal system. For this specific action in the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo, SoSol to have the support of the Social Stock Exchange and Environmental (BVSA),

The Fellowship of the Sun offers a number of resources to guide those interested in building their ASBC. They are:

- Courses taken in our facilities

- Network monitors scattered throughout the country

- Manual manufacturing and installation (pdf)

- Instructional video and demonstration videos