ASBC - water bath

The ASBC - Bath Waters is a system with heating capacity 200 liters of water, that can meet the demand of hot water for bathing of a family of four to six people. It is estimated that its use can help to this family reduce their energy expenses by at least 30% values ​​of current consumption.

The main features of the system are the possibility ASBC manufacturing under the “DIY” (self) and the use of low cost materials, easily found in shops construction.

The ASBC is a project for free use of the population, whose technology, for its simplicity, is not patentable. Its main objectives are: social improvement, environmental preservation, energy conservation, possibility of job, financial economics household and national (8 the 9% electric demand) and reducing greenhouse gas emissions – CO2. So, the information in this manual can be used and passed on to others interested in setting up a system ASBC.

The Fellowship of the Sun offers a number of resources to guide those interested in building their ASBC. They are:

- Courses taken at our premises

- Network monitors scattered throughout the country

- Manual manufacturing and installation (pdf)

- Instructional video and demonstration videos