Data de entrada: 13 de jan. de 2022


Satyakaam Educational Trust is the Top CBSE Board School in Meerut and has a foundation that provides quality global education with a strong Indian perspective as part of its social responsibility and known for the Better CBSE Board School in Meerut. Truett considers Education to be the most powerful human empowerment tool. To further contribute to human enrichment through Quality Education, Satyakaam International School was founded by the Trust and became the Top 5 CBSE Board School in Meerut. Given India's potential to become a technological superpower and a vibrant knowledge society in the near future, it is crucial that quality education is made available to every aspiring child of the society, regardless of whether he is of rich or poor parents. They are getting knowledge and education from the Top 10 CBSE Board School in Meerut.


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