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Preparation of the Council of Ministers lesson, social studies, third average, first half of the year 1440

Preparation of the Council of Ministers lesson, the third average of the first half of 1440, which includes the following:


Content and lesson presentation


the duty

The lesson includes the following behavioral objectives:

To explain to the student how the Council of Ministers was established and its stages of development.

That the most important conditions of the Council of Ministers.

The student should mention the functions of the Council of Ministers.

The content and presentation includes:

Initialization: Define the basic intent of the ruling.

the offer:

The establishment and development of the Council of Ministers:

King Abdul Aziz, may God have mercy on him, has been keen since 1351 AH to establish a central body whose jurisdiction and powers extend to all regions of the Kingdom. Abdul Aziz and the membership of all the ministers were presented to the King for approval. A month after the founding of the Council, King Abdul Aziz - may God have mercy on him - died and his son Saud took over and decided to keep the members of the Council in their positions. Then the Council’s system was issued on 12/7/1373 AH, and he worked for four years. Then another system was issued to keep pace with developments and continued to work with the amendments, the most important of which was limiting the presidency of the council to the king and appointing more than one until the year 1414 AH, when a new cabinet was issued.

You can get the full-explained lesson including all the points in addition to the assessment and the assignment by requesting the material with all its attachments.

As for the preparation, it includes the following types of preparation:

way of learning strategies

Preparing in a longitudinal way

Constructive preparation

Preparing in the way of the daily planning card

Glossary method preparation

Preparation in the modular manner of the King Abdullah Project

Among the general objectives of a course for the intermediate stage are the following:

Empowering the Islamic faith in the learner and making it a control of his behavior and actions, love of God, piety and fear of God in his heart.

Providing him with the appropriate experiences and knowledge for his age, so that he becomes familiar with the general principles and basic principles of culture.

توزيع تفسير ثالث متوسط فصل ثالث

Thrilling him to search for knowledge, and getting him used to meditation and scientific tracking.

Developing the mental abilities and various skills of the learner, and entrusting them with guidance and discipline.

His upbringing is Islamic, which is dominated by brotherhood and cooperation, appreciating responsibility, and bearing responsibility.

Training him to serve his community and country, and to develop the spirit of advice and sincerity to his guardians.

Stimulate his energy to restore the glories of the nation to which he belongs, and to resume walking on the path of .

Accustom him to make use of his time in useful reading, invest his spare time in useful works, and dispose of his activities in a way that makes his Islamic personality prosper.

Strengthening the awareness of the learner so that he knows - according to his age - how to face misleading rumors and destructive and alien doctrines.

Prepare it for the following of these stages of life.

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