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Wu Ying gasped, "The strange roar of the snake-tailed bat dragon is getting closer and closer. Broken legs, human heads, bloody intestines.." The rain flew past me, and I was so frightened that I couldn't help looking back. Suddenly I saw a pair of green eyes shining in the vast fog, along with the monster, floating, flying closer and closer, and the voice of the grimace came from him.. "The voice laughed grimly." I won't kill you. I'll give you a breath to tell everyone about my resurrection. Tell them, Gong Gong is resurrected, the nine beasts roar, those who follow me will prosper, and those who resist me will perish! ' I suddenly saw that it was a human head! At that moment, the monster roared up and tore my chest with its claws. I saw my blood splashing on the head of the man. It was Gong Gong! I saw it myself! I I saw it myself! That's Gong Gong! He screamed at the top of his voice, and then suddenly fell to the ground, convulsing sharply, and did not move any more. There was a great commotion in the cabin. Someone screamed, "Now that the snake-tailed bat dragon has come out, Gong Gong has probably really come back to life!"! Ao Shipowner, let's turn the rudder and sail back to the East China Sea.. As soon as a word was spoken, dozens of people responded in unison. Ao Shaoxian shouted, "Don't panic first.". Since a man is dead, how can he come back to life? I think this is just a rumor spread by the Gonggong rebels, aiming to create chaos and make trouble. If people believe the rumor, it will play into the hands of the rebels.. "Ao Shipowner,interactive touch screens education, this is not our nonsense." A man in white shouted, "This story has been circulating everywhere in the Great Wilderness these months, and it is well-founded.". Even if we don't believe it, Wu Shichang won't lie, will he? Ao Shaoxian said lightly, "Wu Shichang may not be able to lie, but it's hard to say whether what he saw was a demon's camouflage." A tough man stood up and shouted, "Damn him, it doesn't matter whether he's true or not. It's true to save his life.". Yao didn't want to be a neighbor in the netherworld with Wu. The crowd echoed with a bang,smart interactive whiteboard, shouting, "It's better to believe what you have than not.". How can a matter of life and death be treated as a joke? "Shipowner Ao, you can't go to the Nine Python City. We take your merchant ship to make a fortune, not to die." "Marquis Ao, at the worst, we'll double your reward and compensate you for your loss. Just go home quickly." When Yin Yao heard the uproar, she twisted her eyebrows and her eyes flashed with anger. She was about to get up to speak when she heard Ao Shaoxian say in a loud voice, "Since you are all merchants, you must know the importance of the word'honesty '.". The'Fire Dragon King 'has been traveling between rivers and seas for ten years, rain or shine, and has not delayed his journey for a day, which is the word'honesty'. A gentleman must do what he does not do and must do what he does. Ao Mou regards faith as more important than life. Now that we have agreed to deliver you safely to the city of nine pythons within half a month, even if it is a tsunami, landslide, flood, and earthquake, we will never shrink back. Otherwise, smart board touch screen ,interactive flat panel display, what face will Ao Shaoxian have in the East China Sea? Although his words are still gentle, but the meaning is firm, there is no room for manoeuvre. The merchants looked at each other with disappointment, fear and anger. The rough man pounded the table and said angrily, "Ao Shaoxian, your grandmother is a laver fish skin. For the sake of your face, do you ignore our lives?"? If you want to go crazy, don't take us with you. I pay you a lot of money, but I don't want to be buried with you. With a snap, Ao Shaoxian flicked his fingertips, and a silk sac suddenly flew down in front of the man, rolling out more than twenty longan gems, brilliant and dazzling. Mr. Yao, the money you paid for the ship is three hundred taels of gold. Ao will return with the original seal, and then send twenty-eight longan stones from the South China Sea as a token of thanks. You take your luggage and cargo and leave the ship immediately. Only after leaving the ship, whether you are dead or alive, Ao Mou can not help. Ao Shaoxian paused and said lightly, "Somebody, prepare a boat for Mr. Yao to return to the East China Sea." "De Ling!" The two dragon guards obeyed in a loud voice, set up a stunned Yao Childe, stuffed the gem into his arms, and strode out of the cabin. "Your grandmother is a laver fish skin, surnamed Ao, you left Lao Tzu halfway off the boat, what kind of integrity is this?"? Even if Lao Tzu is swallowed by the monster and turns into a water ghost, he will swim back to the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea to seek your revenge! Your grandmother's. When Mr. Yao arrived outside the cabin, he came to his senses and cried out, cursing farther and farther, gradually turning into a scream. After a moment, I heard a "plop" and finally it was completely quiet. The merchants were stunned, as if they were carved in stone and cast in iron, and could not speak for a long time. Ao Shaoxian looked around at the crowd and said indifferently, "In a dangerous situation, we have to help each other in the same boat. It's a pity that Mr. Yao doesn't understand this simple truth.". If anyone does not believe Ao Mou and wants to return by himself, he can put forward it at any time. Ao Mou will prepare twice the compensation and a boat for him, and never force him to stay. When the merchants woke up from their dream, they all said, "How dare you! How dare you!"! Blazing Dragon Marquis is like the Big Dipper star, pointing to the navigation light. If I don't believe in Blazing Dragon Marquis, who else can I believe? "Chi Long Hou is loyal and faithful. I admire him very much. I really want to be your sworn brother." "Damn him, if anyone dares to make a fuss again, I will kick him off the boat and save money for the owner of the boat." There are things a gentleman does not do, and there are things he must do. Whoo-hoo! "The words of the Marquis of Blazing Dragon are really like the spring breeze coming slowly, pushing aside the dark clouds to see the sun, which makes my heart warm, and I almost shed tears." Yin Yao looked surprised, funny and happy, and could not help laughing. She burst out laughing, and her worries and fears were reduced. "Unexpectedly," said the heart, "he looks gentle and elegant, but he is also decisive and ruthless at the critical moment. If we don't make an example of him, we won't be able to contain this mess. I admire him secretly. Since everyone has no objection, let's continue to sail forward. It's late at night. Please go back to the cabin to rest. Ao Shaoxian smiled and said,smartboards for business, "Yes, since Wu Shichang said that the Emerald City has been captured by the thief army, we will make a detour. I'm afraid it will take a little time. I hope you will forgive me." They even said they didn't dare to retire.


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