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Naturally, they knew that they had been overcast by the divine light, and the other side deliberately wanted to calculate them, using such a powerful force, in order to buckle Xia Xinyan, to coerce Feng Han, and let Feng Han give up those ownerless vein mines of the Shadow Clan. Know the purpose of the other side, but can not contend with, this feeling is really uncomfortable. Shiyan and Xia Xinyan returned to the surface of the warship, secretly looking at the surrounding situation, carefully capturing the opportunity to see if there is any possibility of getting away with the help of the terrain. Shenguang's Sanaa always sits on the Shenjing Mine, motionless, using the sound stone to exchange a few words from time to time, as if he was negotiating details with the war alliance and discussing detailed issues. On this day, a warship of divine light appeared from the sky, which was made of strange purple crystals, glittering and brilliant, as if a huge amethyst had fallen from the sky. As soon as many of the warriors of the divine light saw the amethyst battleship, they all looked shocked, their eyes were hot, and they laughed and whispered to each other. Sana, who had been sitting up for a long time, watched the amethyst warship land little by little,DIN screw plug, and with a rare smile on his cold face, he immediately stood up and went to meet the amethyst warship. Shenguang has a big man coming again? They really take us seriously. "As for this," sneered a warrior of the war alliance, "how much force must be exerted before you can rest assured?" "The bearer should be very noble. Even Sana took the initiative to greet him. That guy even laughed. Damn, who is coming?" "It seems to be a woman." People muttered, but did not find the side of the rock face very strange, eyes shiny like fire, constantly flashing. Chapter one thousand and fifty-eight two women. Shadow Ghost Prison is a six-level blue star of life,metal stamping parts, called the war star, which is the main star of the war alliance. In the center of the magnificent temple of the God of war, Feng Han looked coldly and frowned at the ten or so warriors under his command. The worst of these ten or so warriors was the virtual God and the double heaven. Those who had a profound realm had two first gods and one heavy heaven. These people were the pillars of the war alliance. Before Feng Han came to the Shadow Ghost Prison, these people used to be the overlords of the Shadow Ghost Prison. When Feng Han gradually emerged and became invincible, he defected to him one after another, thus forming the most powerful war alliance of the Shadow Shadow Prison. More than a dozen high-level war allies were all frowning, and their eyes were shining with cold and angry luster. We and the divine light always do not interfere with the river, the divine light has not come to the shadow ghost prison activities, this trip came in a hurry, immediately occupied those territories originally belonging to the shadow clan, really presumptuous! They didn't put us in sight at all! Qi Ze, with a long and narrow cross scar on his head, snapped. Qi Zeshishen cultivated himself in the realm of Heaven. He commanded the Fire Cone Warfare Department of the War Alliance. He majored in the profound meaning of flame, and his temperament was as strong as fire. Did not go to Feng Han before, Qi Ze in the shadow of the ghost prison is a famous difficult role, under the strong are extremely vicious, deep draw stamping ,car radiator cap, do evil in all directions. Front cold that year spent countless strength, only to block Qi Ze, with cold and bloody means to let Qi Ze Gan bow to the wind, take the initiative to defect, let under became a war alliance, the front cold is loyal, however, in addition to the front cold, he refused to accept anyone in the war alliance. The tentacles of the divine light are too long and should be cut off. Miao Rong, who looks feminine, is also the first God in the realm of heaven. His temperament is like water, and he is dressed in blue long clothes. Qi Ze and Miao Rong were both strong men in the realm of the first God of the war alliance. They were also famous figures at the beginning. Although they became members of the war alliance, their edges and corners were still sharp. If Xinyan hadn't been kidnapped, I would have sent you out. With a cold face, Feng snorted and said, "Do you have any way to save Xinyan?" Qi Ze and Miao Rong looked at each other with a wry smile and shook their heads helplessly. Sana is very famous, the means are also very fierce, unless at this time Qi Ze, Miao Rong over there, otherwise there is no way. From the war star to that place with the formation of the divine crystal vein, there will naturally be the eyes of the divine light on the way. Once the motive is discovered, Xia Xinyan's Wind War Department will fall into a dangerous situation. Qi Ze and Miao Rong know that Feng Han spoils Xia Xinyan, so of course they won't come up with bad ideas. Miao Rong, you go there and write in my calligraphy. Feng Han looked deeply at the two men, half ringing, and suddenly handed Miao Rong a piece of paper. Miao Rong didn't know why he took it. He just glanced at it and couldn't help screaming: "Leader of the alliance, you, do you really want to retreat our people according to your words?" After the news of the evacuation of the Shadow Clan came, Feng Han, Qi Ze and Miao Rong immediately took action and sent warships to the mineral veins controlled by many Shadow Clans. They occupied them first and erected the flag of the war alliance. Although the divine light also took the opportunity to seize some mineral stars, but compared with the war alliance, it is far less, regardless of the number or the richness of resources, there is a lot of difference. Although the territory demanded by the divine light is only half, it is the richest in products! Qi Ze also screamed. I know Feng Han's face was dark and stern. "The divine light has come to the shadow ghost prison. We can't stand the conflict in the future. We'll make a concession first. When we make sure that Xinyan is all right, we'll fight back step by step." Miao Rong sighed and nodded helplessly, without saying much. He knew that Feng Han had made up his mind, and also knew the importance of Xia Xinyan in Feng Han's mind, so naturally he would not refute foolishly. With Feng Han's calligraphy, Miao Rong gathered his Water and Moon Warfare Department, and left by the main star of the war alliance, to catch up with the star of life trapped in Shiyan and Xia Xinyan. The star of life that contains the divine crystal vein. An amethyst warship came slowly from the sky, the bright amethyst was dazzling, and a line of cold-looking warriors stood on the edge of the warship. Sana and the warriors of the divine light here went up one after another, and Sana, who had been looking cold all the time, had a smile on his face, as if he were in a very happy mood. Like the stars around the moon, a charming and enchanting woman dressed in a lavender skirt emerged slowly and gracefully. The woman's face was like a peach blossom in full bloom, delicate and beautiful, sexy and plump,Stainless steel foundry, and her skirt was flying between her footsteps, revealing a small section of dazzling snow-white. The eyes of many divine light warriors looking at her are very hot, which is the unique enthusiasm of men for the goddess in their minds.


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