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England U21striker Eddie? Johnson African Gambian striker Atul? Gomez Together with Dong Fangzhuo, the three young players were all strikers who were thrown to Antwerp at the same time, but among the three strikers, Dong Fangzhuo performed best, with the number of appearances and goals ranking first among the three. Not only that, Ronando also clearly knows that Dong Fangzhuo will break out in the next 2005-06 season, scoring an astonishing 18 goals, becoming the best striker in the regular season, and relying on this achievement has won Ferguson's favor, trying to apply for a Premier League work permit for him, so that he can officially return to Manchester United at the end of 2006.. Then it was the beginning of Dong Fangzhuo's tragic life, bench, return to China, and move to the third-class league in Europe. Antwerp is actually Manchester United's experimental base for young players. Over the years, many young Manchester United players have been sent there to exercise, but few have successfully returned. The most successful is defender John? O'Shea He was loaned to Antwerp in the first half of 2001, then returned to Manchester United and quickly became one of the main players in the back line. Now, Dong Fangzhuo is determined to become the second John? O'Shea However, looking at Manchester United's already crowded forward line,empty lotion tubes, this is not a small difficulty. The day Dong Fangzhuo reported to the first team happened to be July 20, Ronando's birthday. In the media description, Dong Fangzhuo is an introverted person who is not good at communication. Although his skills are good, his ability to read the game is not good. It is difficult for such a player to integrate himself into a foreign team. Compared with Dong Fangzhuo, Ronando is much better. His English level is acceptable, because he wears the Portuguese coat, it is easy to integrate with others. Old Dong,metal cosmetic tubes, I've heard about you. I heard that you are doing well in Belgium. I hope you will come to Manchester United soon. We are a perfect match! "Uh.." Cristiano. Your Mandarin is really good! Can you still understand the meaning of'mix '? Dong Fangzhuo was startled to see Ronando speaking a slightly strange but very proficient Mandarin. The young striker, wearing a temporary No.43 shirt, has a short, energetic hair trimmed into a fashionable broken hair. The hair at the back of his head is slightly longer, covering the back of his neck. He is well-known in the country, but he is a marginal figure in Manchester United. Except for a few captains and vice-captains in the team who greeted him out of politeness, others simply ignored him. Think about it, Dong Fangzhuo is on loan. Who knows if he can return to Manchester United? There are few such players in the club who can come back. In addition, Dong Fangzhuo's English level is very poor, his speech is intermittent, and even Gerald, who always likes to heckle? Pique After a few words with him, he also left disappointed, but the Spanish boy kept muttering to others like a wacky rumor that Ronando and Dong Fangzhuo were "twins" because they really looked alike! "Pique said we were twins. What's so strange about me speaking Mandarin?" "Mmm!"! The Chinese fans all say that you are the Chinese Ronaldo, plastic laminted tube ,custom cosmetic packaging, and you are the descendants of the Chinese in Portugal! I'll go! We are countrymen, okay? Ronando and Dong Fangzhuo were almost the same height, but at this time Dong Fangzhuo had not put on weight and looked thin. They stood together. In the eyes of Europeans, their eyebrows and eyes were very similar, and their faces were soft, like brothers. Ronando was two and a half years younger, but he was tall and strong. Instead, he looked like a big brother. Dong Fangzhuo was happy to see Ronando communicate in Mandarin like a Chinese, and there was no shelf to read. At this time, Ronando, although just entered the team, but the status has risen in a straight line, in the eyes of many teammates, he has been the same as other main players, at best than Rooney, Roy? Keen Ryan? Giggs, these big stars are a little worse. But compared to Adam? Eckersley Gerald? Pique, these young substitutes It is already high to the sky, and Dong Fangzhuo is certainly happy to have such a teammate as a friend. Only then did Ronando know that it was a misrepresentation to say that Dong Fangzhuo was not good at communicating! This guy's English level is actually not good. He can't understand what others say. How can you let him communicate with others in such an environment? Old Dong, you just call me Ronando, it sounds kind! Also, that Queiroz guy insisted on giving me a birthday celebration in the evening. Why don't you join us? Keane, Neville and Giggs will all come, and the Scottish old man has promised to go. You can talk to everyone more. "Yes!"! I'll call you.. Lao Luo. But they don't quite understand what I'm saying. "Say more if you don't understand!"! You think I was born to speak English? My mother tongue.. Well, Chinese, Portuguese and English are also spoken. "Well, I'll find you a companion and let Pique chat with you specially. Although he's Spanish, he speaks English like a thief!" "Huh?"? That's not good, is it? The big white guy didn't seem to like talking to me. "Hey, hey!"! If I ask him to chat with you, he must be obedient! Ronando can not help but feel good, Dong Fangzhuo in his mind, it was once a big star figure, but now he has been able to "read" Dong Fangzhuo, this strong contrast, is a person will like, Ronando is also a mortal, vanity is greatly satisfied. At the end of the day's training, Ronando did not leave on time. Manchester United TV produced a three-minute promotional film for Ronando, which should have belonged to Dong Fangzhuo's patent for the promotion of Manchester United's Asian tour, but Ronando's sudden emergence made him steal Dong Fangzhuo's limelight. However, Dong Fangzhuo did not suffer losses. He also became one of the cameras. As the two main players of the team's Asian elements, they were temporarily given the title of "National Double Star". They were surrounded by many teammates and looked like a group of big stars who became their "younger brothers". In the main part of the promotional film,plastic packing tube, Ronando and Rooney face each other sideways, suggesting that they are the "twin stars of Manchester United" and the new generation of leaders of the team, which is actually a hype about Ronando through Rooney's name.


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