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Solar de Baixo Custo Aquecedor

The ASBC appeared in 1992 from the electrical engineer Augustin T. Woelz technical and mechanical and chemical José Angelo Contini, with the support of an expert in traditional thermal solar energy (metal), newcomer Portugal, the mechanical technician Peter G. Anselmo. The first prototype of the ASBC was presented during Eco/92, at the booth of the national Sebrae, under the proposed mote “Um Heater Solar em every home”.

After the first years of research for the Betterment of the ASBC, the Fellowship of the Sun started the project of P&(D) (research and development) and has been investing in the development of a family of social and ecological technologies with the same principles of the ASBC: residences and buildings solutions that take into account the concepts of universality, environmental care, educational program, low cost and technological efficiency.

In this way, the solutions created by SoSol guarantee substantial reduction of electric energy demand resulting in increased income of households that use the ASBC, Economics relevant to institutions and consequent improvement in the delivery of energy to the national electric system, In addition to several social and environmental benefits.

Structure and development laboratory

SoSol facilities rely on 90 m2 and fitting room, In addition to a slab of external 60 m2, aimed at practical experiences. In this space, that simulates a popular coverage, You can perform simultaneous testing of several solar heating systems.