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Veja a lista de monitores à disposição para cooperar, voluntarily, free education in the new solar technology for those interested in saving electricity consumed by showers.
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Relationship with the Company Monitor the Sun

The Monitor is a volunteer, without formal involvement with the Society of the sun unless the bond of goodwill, looking to make life easier for families with problems of excessive power consumption, cooperating with them, passing, the best of your knowledge, information provided in the Handbook of Experimental Manufacturing of Low Cost Solar Heater. The Monitor may have additional knowledge, result of learning their personal mounts, he must be aware of the concept that the guarantee of a solar installation is always the responsibility of the family involved in the process of Autoconstrução.

Should the Monitor come to offer his services as a professional installer acting outside the scheme advocated by the Company of the Sun, Autoconstrução of the Family, this is a particular decision Monitor, absence of liability by the Company of the Sun by the results of this endeavor.

Responsibility of Society staff Sun, limited, the best of their ability, to offer explanations, looking clarify doubts arising from their self interested in solar heaters.

As the cost of solar technology is very new, there is no guarantee that the support of volunteers, monitors as well as the staff of the Society of the sun bring exactly what the asker considers to be satisfactory. If doubts persist, the applicant must re-read the manuals, insist on answers more complete and intelligible, Monitor is, is the Society staff or Sun then participate in one of the courses offered regularly by the same.

The way to be involved Monitor:

1 – Aware that volunteering led to the solution of social problems is one of the important variables for the balanced growth of this country.

2 – Realization of project, construction and installation of about 5 systems for ASBC sí, family and close friends. The technology must be “no sangue”, for Monitor que não Perca tempo or e suas assistências realized bem e cursos.

Para o novo Monitor field participação no Curso de manufatura do ASBC em São Paulo é obrigatória. Dele results certeza do desenvolvimento das aptidões do novo voluntário.

3 – Decisão: Uma vez decidida a assunção da atividade de voluntário, avisar a equipe da Sociedade do Sol enviando fotos de instalações realizadas acompanhadas do nome, phone, e-mail, cidade e state.

APOS breve novo Monitor constará Analise or list no site da da Sociedade do Sol.

4 – Lembrar entidades assistenciais precisam que de apoio for a redução de suas despesas de Energia e água. Or ASBC e os de Sistemas de Agua são Reúso soluções interessante for isto.

5 – Contact the Society staff Sun: Whenever the Monitor have questions, whether technical, conceptual or personal, the team should be contacted. She has much to offer.


The Monitor shall keep your data updated. The names that are with the phrase (without confirmation e-mail) are awaiting update. Without this update, this team will be in touch to exchange personal.