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ASBC plates in PP Laresol, Monitor Rock Mauro – Goiânia / Brasilia, with information about Solar Heaters type ASBC, and an interesting program technology franchise.

Low Cost Solar heater developed in Esalq – USP, by Team Solaris, using reflected solar energy to heat a barrel of drinking water for bath. New Design, interesting and still under development.
Click here to see the Manual

Modern stove wood consumption, Smokeless in the kitchen, based on technology developed in Central America. Not self, but is offered commercially EcoFogão.

Wind Power Generator newly developed in Rio de Janeiro by Enersud. Modern design with many features in two power versions: normal maximum 400 Watt and normal maximum 700 Watt. The turbines are offered commercially and are a good option for power generation in areas with constant winds.

Solar Cookers Indians. Interesting website with a lot of ways to mount solar cookers. This is information that comes from an assembler of ASBC S. Paul.

Compact solar heater, commercial resale. Unipac, Group company jet, from 1994 offers a small and excellent solar heater to the Brazilian market. All Polyethylene rotomolded, heats 125 l and integrates in one piece, the collector and water tank, allowing it to be deposited on the roof.

Solar Heater type ASBC, commercially developed Monitor the Shark – SC, Francimar Ghisoni Pereira Company Botega, one that manufactures the famous electronic controllers (Dimmers) for electric showers. Beautiful site, Full special effects. Deserves to be seen.

This information comes from Dr.. Raquel Ghini Embrapa. To facilitate access to work, this link does not lead to a website, but directly to a PDF report very interesting. The idea developed by Dr. Is Ghini desinfestamento substrate (agricultural land) to produce healthier seedlings through solar heaters too specific.
Dry Land - embrapa_circular_4.pdf

Heating Pool. The Hello Solar S. Paul, develops thermal collector plates of results similar to the plates ASBC. Uses but an interesting technology based manufacturing rotomolding, using imported plastic raw material term, great durability in weathering. This results in a collector who always equal to introduce visitors to the Fellowship of the Sun, demonstrating the ability of our industry sector solar. This site also offers interesting suggestions for mounting solar heaters for pools. Worth a good look.

Traditional Solar Heater, Design and Installation, developed and kindly offered to SoSol, by Claudia Barroso Architect-Krause FAU's Univ. Fed. the Rio de Janeiro.
claudia-barroso-krause-ufrj.pdf (667KB)

Technology pasteurization and disinfection of water. Follows work assembled by a team of researchers from Embrapa and IAC, with the aim to pasteurize / desinfestar irrigation water, with elimination of pathogens, for irrigation of crops very special as greenhouses, the nursery, developed in the small farms as vegetables, fruit trees, and other ornamentals, resulting in increased quality and labor productivity of small farmers.
profa_tanaka.pdf (256KB)

The Sr. José Alano Alcinous Shark – SC – phone: (048) 3622 2116, developed a solar water heater with collector made with PVC pipes and fittings, PET bottles and Tetra Pak cartons. Wrote a construction manual with display characteristics similar to the manual ASBC. This is a project that deserves to be seen. It is a smart and economical heat water reuse and recyclable materials. If you have comments on the content of this manual, be sure to tell Mr.. José Alcinous for eventual correction.
e-mail: website:
Given the great similarity between projects ASBC and PET are constantly asked about similarities and differences between the two projects. Sr. José Alano had the great kindness to send us a recent PET collector with an area very close to the collector of the ASBC. This fact allowed us to advance the comparisons requested. Confira aqui.

Another solar heater craft based on PET bottles. - For quite some time, received from Antonio Carlos Corrêa Filho a material very interesting about the construction of a solar water heater low cost, drawn primarily from PET bottles. There are already several projects available to those interested in building a. After reviewing several of these projects, Anthony decided to build some models for testing and the results obtained, innovations realized that informs enhancing performance of the equipment. Following the same philosophy of Sosol, developed a manual and decided to disseminate free technology. Click here to see the manual.

Book “Down Load”: “A sun bath for Brazil: What solar heaters can do for the environment and society”, authoring of physical Délcio Rodrigues and Roberto Matajs Vitae Civilis Institute. The book presents the barriers found in the Brazilian market the technologies of solar water heating and coping strategies. The book is the result of extensive research by the authors with the actors involved in the industry as manufacturers, funders, researchers, regulators etc..

The Monitor Edison Urban Society of the Sun has a creativity that goes beyond the issues advocated in website Society of the Sun. Have ideas on how to make good use of natural energy sources such as water, sun, land, the wind and other. Created and maintains the website called, which are the GOALS: Create, Research, Developing and Disseminating Experimental Projects Budget, Comfort that can generate, Economy, Security, Entertainment and Life Quality in the Home. Respecting and preserving our heritage planetary, making and Rational Use of Natural Energy Sources, renewable and non-polluting.


AMBTEC – Portal of Environmentally Sound Technologies TAS. Gathers and disseminates Technologies, providing solutions to environmental problems and giving guidelines for the proper use of natural resources. Presents technical information, scientific and legal, interest of society.

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