Prof. Augustin,

I am currently watching the story on the ASBC at Future TV.
According to the report, one of the oldest solar heaters installed in this type ASBC Vila Mariana in SP.

We are pleased to bring you a report that complements well the news of Future TV.
When I was attending a training course Electronics Technician, I was informed of the existence of the ASBC website of Sun Power (Today the Sun Society).

I mounted it in the form of educational model for our Project Technology Environment. We liked the idea so much that I felt compelled to assemble and install a complete model in my aunt's house in Pouso Alegre MG.

Now the reason for this: The ASBC is in operation since December 2001.

Congratulations and Hugs
Electronics Technician Joseph Lucas Know - lucassaber@hotmail.com
Paraisopolis – MG

Hello! Society of Friends of the Sun, I want to thank the guidance they gave me. Was very positive, the ASBC I proposed to make this working perfectly. I just read the book world sustainable André Trigueiro, everything he mentions in the book that would educate as many people around the world the importance of preserving the environment.

I am a retired electrician CPFL. Build a new home soon, I chose to make low-cost solar heater and I am satisfied with the result. Participate in the project Family School lecturing basic electricity, and would like to take to school my experience so that more families can at the end of the month to have a lower energy bill as this is my case.

In the photo to get an idea of ​​how the heater was left this 4 PVC plates forming the solar collector, Cold water fed from the bottom of cx. this right made with 2 cx. one of 310 liters covered with blanket where the heated water is stored second cx. and 500 liters fitted one inside the other forming a thermal container which ensures the hot water for a long time.

Nota! solar collectors made of 25mm PVC Brown use to glue Araldite 24 Hours to be very thin and slightly sticky after mixing I added a small percentage of natural carbonate thus being quite thick and has a very good result.
Besides the manual what else do you recommend me to go to other.

I live in Itapira SP
B.J.Riberti - bjr2007@terra.com.br
Itapira – SP

Hello Augustin, that good a Europe less polluted, even allowing the use of rainwater for washing clothes. Maybe this extends to our entire planet.

I'm early in the design capture rainwater. Let's see what happens. Keep them informed will always. About 158 homes, Always visit families. Growing, I feel immensely gratified. The city continues to build and requiring the installation of heaters. Made some changes that I consider harmful to good technique. However, what matters is that families have the heaters. We are in the design 9 buildings (144 apartments) and deliver executive proposal for more 11 buildings (176 apartments).

Hugs to all and see you soon,

Cabral. - cabralj@netsite.com.br

Hello Maria Emilia Soares.

Just register me at the Society of the Sun.

I am a public servant (doctor). I have solar heater Cumulus (Copper) more than 10 My years in residence. Excited about this form of heating, I wish to take this solar resource to the residents of our coastline Islands.

I want to report that I managed to mount heaters in ASBC 2 fishermen's houses in low-income city Guaraqueçaba - PR, following the manual posted on the website.
Actually I'm still learning. Need to evolve with the glues, try other than the Araldite and durepoxi…

Longer consider myself a beginner monitor the region, and I'm posting the work of the Fellowship of the Sun and ASBC, donating materials including some of the first candidates.
Congratulations for the work of the Society.

Jonatan Löschner - loschner@uol.com.br
Guaraqueçaba – PR