The story begins SoSol few years before the creation of the NGO, known today. The first activities take place on the initiative by the electrical engineer Augustin T. Woelz technical and mechanical and chemical José Angelo Contini, in 1992, that with the support of a specialist in solar thermal traditional (metal), newcomer Portugal, the mechanical technician Peter G. Anselmo, provide the first steps towards the development of simple hydraulic systems.

The design of the entrepreneurs gained strength with the approach of the group along with a team of SEBRAE / SP Paraíba Valley, we invite them to present the first prototype of the ASBC during Eco/92, stand in national institution, under the proposed mote “Um Heater Solar em every home”.

Em 1999, the search party related to ASBC, Passa to occupy the Espace CIETEC, Today considered the largest incubation center of projetos of Technological Innovation of South America. Important to remember the colaboração Engenheiro civil Alexandre de Magalhães Andrade, that atuou in between SoSol 2000 and 2001, and Can I be assigned quem um big jump in the areas of P&D and technological labs.

Em 2001, was formally established Association Society of the Sun. From hence, the organização tem atuação marked his hair aperfeiçoamento of hiccups for Technological geração of energy, compartilhando conhecimento with the REALISATION qualification courses, publication of manuals and videos on the ASBC Internet and social networking and monitoring activities carried out by volunteers and monitors scattered across the Country.