A Sociedade do Sol

Since it was created in November 2001, Society of the Sun, a non-profit, engaged in the development of social technologies in the areas of solar and renewable energy and environmental education programs. Its performance is dedicated to developing solutions with low environmental impact and reduced costs for power generation by the communities and organizations.

Headquartered in Innovation Center, Entrepreneurship and Technology - CIETEC, spreads to SoSol, makes training and monitors the implementation of a Solar Heating System - SAS, through technological solution called Low Cost Solar Heating, the ASBC.

The project ASBC Society Sun is certified by the Bank of Social Technologies FBB – Bank of Brazil Foundation and referenced in Bank Technology Fundação Getúlio Vargas - FGV / SP Observatory and the Movement for Social Technology in Latin America (http://www.cds.unb.br/obmts/), addition to the RTS - Social Network Technologies / Federal Government.

The current staff of the Society of the sun is formed by professionals from 2000 were added to the original researchers. The SoSol also integrates networks and forums Brazilian socio-environmental movement as Network Agendas 21 São Paulo, Brazilian Forum of NGOs and Social Movements for the Environment and Development, Regulatory Forum of CSOs and RENEW (http://www.renove.org.br), beyond the Network Environment Cietec, Explain Ashoka, Brazilian Permaculture Social Network, Our São Paulo Movement and the National Forum of NGOs.

The activities of SoSol also take place through partnerships with other entities, governments, popular teachers, scientific researchers and technical professionals for projects focusing on social sustainability, economic and environmental.